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Sunny Curacao
During the week of May 17-24, 2008  I was fortunate enough to be invited to teach a painting class on the beautiful island of Curacao, located in the Netherland Antilles.  A wonderful woman named Lucille contacted me months ago and asked if I would like to teach a 3 day class to her and a group of local painters.  Needless to say, I accepted her offer and after months of planning I arrived there with my paintbrushes in hand.  My friend, (and now assistant) Tammy,  joined me on this trip and we had the time of our lives.  Below you will find pictures that highlight our trip. 
First and foremost, I want to thank each and every student in the class.  You were all so gracious and simply a blast to get to know.  Tammy and I loved every inch of the island and I highly encourage anyone to visit there to learn about this amazing piece of paradise.  Many thanks go to Lucille and Chanella for organizing the class, to Danielle for being our little book of knowledge, and to Shiela and Ziva for taking time out of their day to show us the many hidden treasures of Curacao.  Without these women our trip just would not have been complete. 
Now, to all the wonderful women who took the class.  I will never forget the three days we got to paint together...between the local TV station showing up making me a nervous wreck to us painting and completing 5 wonderful projects....the entire time was delightful to me.  To Ada, Chanella, Lupe, Liani, and Soraina...congrats on winning the pieces that I painted in class.  To Mirelva & Lupe, I hope you both have learned new techniques from me that will help your craft business grow!!  To Kitty, Jackie, and Jacqueline, for being perfect front row students....always there to flash a smile.  (oh...to Kitty and Ada...please forgive me for telling the reporter that you never painted before...hey, I was nervous so what do you expect!  LOL) and finally to Angela (and Roy!) for having the energy to cut out so many wood pieces....you both deserve a prize! 
I could go on and on about my experience.  All I will say is that I hope I can go back to Curacao again one day.  I would do it in a heartbeat.
Enjoy the pictures below and if you would like to schedule a painting class in your area...just drop me an email or give me a call!


First day in Curacao on the famous floating bridge in Willemstad Chanella and Ziva preparing for day one.
The teacher and her friendly assistant, Tammy.
Ziva, Ada, and Jackie
Shiela...the comedian of the class.
Lucille...(she brought everything but the kitchen sink with her!)
Angela and Liani
Mirelva and Lupe
...and this is how you shade the edges...
Ada and Soraina...winners of the first drawing.
The television interview!!  Thanks ladies!!
Lupe, Chanella, and Liani...winners of the 2nd drawing.
Kitty and Lupe...hey, get back to painting girls!
Tammy, Danielle, and Myself. 
Now this was fun!
The entire "Jolly Group!"
Thank you ladies for the wonderful gift and kind comments!!
At the airport and time to go home....Goodbye Curacao...Tammy and I will miss you!


“Scarecrow Door Greeter Class”
Oct. 200


“Uncle Sam Painting Class”
June 200





"Lady Liberty Painting Class"
May 14, 2005






Warm Winter Wishes
Nov. Class 2004

Give Thanks Wreath
Oct. 2003


Scarecrow Candle Holder
Sept. 2004


"Missy was the door prize winner!"



Uncle Sam Planter Box Class - April 24th, 2004







"Spring Fling" Painting Class - March 2004


"I can really paint!!"

"My Mother-in-law" is at it again...

A Mother and Daughter moment...

Barb keeps getting better and better!!

I'm 1/2 way done...

"These bottles are so hard to open!"

You go girls!



Sept. Painting Class 2003 - "Somethin's Brewin"

Such concentration!!


The Cadiz, OH beauties:
Holly, Cindy, and Nancy


Michelle and Linda


Barb and my Mother-in-Law, Jeanne
(This was the first piece my Mother-in-Law
ever painted...she did a great job!)


Mary Ann gets better and better!


Painting Class - June 2003 

(Look how good they all did...way to go gals!)
(A BIG thanks to my friend, RuthAnn Corso,...she is the one hiding in the back row wearing a pooh bear shirt.  She cut out all of the Uncle Sams for me and she baked a load of yummy cookies!!  I'll post the great recipes to this page soon.)


Pigeon Forge Painting Class
April 2003
(Thanks to all of you for joining me!)